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    Predefinito We get an update

    You'll need a total of 12,000 points on Ankle Breaker to unlock the bronze edition of the badge, with the upper badge tiers requiring more points. Also, only particular NBA MT Coins player archetypes have access to all levels of their Ankle Breaker badge (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame).

    NBA 2K18 continues the series' tradition of pumping out great basketball sim games using a ton of varied game modes to mess around in. There are a number of various bugs which players have previously reported, and the worst one is that there is a risk that a participant's MyCareer character and save information could be lost. Yikes!

    It is enough of a reason for concern that 2K has advocated that players avoid the mode until a patch addresses the problem that triggers that possible save information destroying bug.

    The update allegedly was released on Sept. 18 but 2K hasn't fully detailed the patch using notes. Thus you still ought to play in your own risk if you are on Xbox One, but if you don't mind rolling the dice it could possibly be repaired? The only people who know for certain are 2K so that is the best we could give you for now until we get an update.

    If you are wondering how to update NBA 2K Coins on Xbox One, here's how you can do it. If it has not automatically downloaded, visit your Games & Apps part of your Xbox One dash side bar, scroll down to upgrades and if NBA 2K18 is there, then select it with A and begin the upgrade. If not, you likely already downloaded it automatically.




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